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This guide covers the exam objectives of the A+ 220-1101 & 220-1102 exams

IMPORTANT NOTE: This free A plus Study Guide for exams 220-1101 & 220-1102 is going through its editing process at right this moment! However, we just completed the Studt Guide for Core 1 i.e. exam 220-1101 so all those links are active right this moment. The content for A+ 1102 is still under development which means that some of the links below are inactive until such a time as the corresponding page(s) are published. Come back frequently though as we are regularly publishing new pages for A+ 1102.

The CertBlaster  A plus Study Guide for exams 220-1101 & 220-1102 consists of a series of posts covering each  CompTIA A+ Main Domain, which is what CompTIA calls it highest level of exam objectives. Also covered are each Exam Sub-Objective as well as every single topic point in CompTIA’s published A+ Exam Sub-Objectives. To give you an idea: In all, there are some 1,200 topic points in those sub-objectives! So, you will have a lot of work going through this content and we are having our work writing it all cut out for ourselves. The good news is that it’s all for free to you the A+ candidate. However, understand that because 1) we are not perfect, and 2) we are doing this for you we are hoping you will do something in return: Some editing! If you find a typo, error, or omission, please give us feedback so we can correct it. You will be helping everybody out.

A plus Study Guide aka ExamNotes

The ExamNotes for A+ 220-1101 contains five main domains and 33 sub-domains. These exam objectives include pretty much all the hardware that is addressed on the A+ exam. This is a survival of the past in the sense that, ever since the very first A+ certification exam in the early 90s, the exam was divided into a part one, addressing hardware, and a part two, addressing software. This distinction is a bit more subtle in 220-1101 as more hardware issues are today addressed through applications than was the case 30 years ago.

The ExamNotes for A+ 220-1102 contains four main domains and 35 sub-domains. The 1102 exam objectives touch on most of the operating system/software issues addressed on the A+ 220-1102 exam.

Each of the below links will take you to a page in our free A plus Study Guide that contains the table of content for each  A+ 220-1101 Main Domain.

A+ 220-1101 Main Domains

1.0 Mobile Devices (complete)

2.0 Networking (complete)

3.0 Hardware (complete)

4.0 Virtualization and Cloud Computing (complete)

5.0 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting (complete)

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A+ 220-1102 Main Domains (under dev.)

1.0 Operating Systems (under development)

2.0 Security (under development)

3.0 Software Troubleshooting (under development)

4.0 Operational Procedures (under development)

We hope you will like our Study Guide and wish you the best of luck in your journey to professional IT certification!

How our A plus Study Guide works with CertBlaster

Our study guide teaches you what you need to know one A+ sub-objective at a time. There are 33 of those in all just for the first exam, A+ 220-1101. When you practice in CertBlaster, if you pick Assessment Mode, you will after completing an exam be presented with our Personal Testing Plan (PTP). That document is a remediation tool in your test preparation. It identifies your weaknesses i.e. the areas you need to focus more also one A+ sub-objective at a time. This enables you to easily do remediation from CertBlaster using our A plus study guide.

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