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Here is a sampling of ten free practice questions for the new A+ exam 220-1102. This small A plus 220-1102 practice test aims at giving you an idea of the complexity level of A+ questions and also the way the various exam objectives are handled by CompTIA at the exam. The questions are spread out over the four CompTIA main domains that make up this exam version.

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You are tasked with implementing a group policy to deploy a standard desktop wallpaper with the company logo on all desktop displays and prevent them from changing it. You want to make this change working at the Command Prompt. You know to use the gpedit.msc command. What happens when you enter the command?

The command is not recognized
The Group Policy Editor opens as a Snap-in
The command arguments /l /u /S are needed
The editor opens in the Command window and the text requests you to choose Local or Global

Explanation: The gpedit.msc command can be entered at the Command Prompt or the Start search bar. In either case The Group Policy editor opens in an MMC snap-in pop-up GUI where you can make the required changes. The command works as simply gpedit.msc regardless of any additional entries and requires no additional input. it will disregard any additional command options.

Objective: 1.0 Operating Systems

Sub-objective: 1.1 Identify basic features of Microsoft Windows editions.

Answer: The Group Policy Editor opens as a Snap-in


You have a malware-infected Windows computer. Your investigation identified an infected file, csrss.exe, which is a legitimate Windows file if it is in the WindowsSystem32 folder. Search results of your C: drive shows this file in other folders. You have updated your AV (Anti-Virus program) What action should you take next?

Run the AV program
Reboot system to Safe mode
Run updated AV program in Safe mode
Search for the file again after AV scan
All of these are correct

Explanation:  All of the choices are technically correct actions but the order in which you execute them is crucial. Running an updated AV program in Safe mode would be the logical choice in your current condition. Malware often hides by using legitimate filenames in different locations. The legitimate version of this file is protected by the OS. The file cannot be replaced or modified in its legitimate System32 folder so the malware will place the file in a different location and link it to your browser. This file csrss.exe is the client/server run-time subsystem and is essential for operation. Finding this file in different directories is indicative of a malware infection. The system can currently be providing login names and passwords along with any stored payment methods in your browser to the hacker. Your browser input can be redirected. Use the AV app in Safe mode to remove the non-essential versions of this file or other threats. Whenever you suspect an infection update your AV app virus definition, reboot to safe mode, and scan. Then scan the computer with your updated AV. This method is a best practice given the information provided. Scan for the file again and disregard any reports from backups and the installation files in the Windows folder.

Objective: 2.0 Security

Sub-objective: 2.3 Given a scenario, detect, remove, and prevent malware using the appropriate tools and methods.

Answer: Run updated AV program in safe mode


You want to configure a Windows PC to provide faster results when searching for files containing specific text. Which Control Panel item would you configure? 

File Explorer Options
File History
Indexing Options
Work Folders

Explanation:  Indexing Options enable your searches to obtain the information from files including text within files. It also stores the filename its properties and path. Work folders allow you to make your work files available on all devices you use even when you are offline. File History saves copies of your files enabling you to recover lost or damaged files.

Objective: 1.0 Operating Systems

Sub-objective: Given a scenario, use the appropriate Microsoft Windows 10 Control Panel utility.

Answer: Indexing Options


You are transferring a 2TB storage disk from a Windows machine to a new Desktop. You have replaced the disk in the new machine with the transferred disk. You are trying to use the Windows installation media to install Windows. The media reports “Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space”. What is the most likely problem?

Improper drive connection
The disk is Dynamic
The disk needs to be partitioned and formatted
You are installing the 32-bit Windows version.

Explanation: The disk is Dynamic. Windows will not install on a dynamic disk. Partitioning and formatting is done during installation, you have not reached that point. 32-bit vs. 64-bit is not relevant. When the installation media performs a preinstallation disk check it will fail on a Dynamic disk. This can be rectified by deleting all volumes on the target disk. It is properly connected if it wasn’t the message would be

Objective: 1.0 Operating Systems

Sub-objective: Given a scenario, perform OS installations and upgrades in a diverse OS environment.

Answer: The disk is Dynamic


You are configuring a Windows PC for a physically impaired user. In the Ease of Access Center, which of the choices is NOT available?

Turn off display
Left-handed keyboard
On-screen keyboard
Use the computer without keyboard or mouse

Explanation:  There are quite a few accessibility features that enable individuals with disabilities to overcome many of the impediments they are faced with while computing. To weed the incorrect responses out quickly, look for the irrational. In this case, a person who is left-handed is not considered impaired. Sometimes it is just that simple. If you thought turning off the display was correct, consider what impact that would have on a person who is blind. An on-screen keyboard would help people with a variety of physical limitations. Some users may also opt for using Speech recognition to perform their functions or use their own adaptive technology that is tailored to their specific needs and may not require a keyboard or mouse.

Objective: Objective: 1.0 Operating Systems

Sub-objective: 1.4 Given a scenario, use the appropriate Microsoft Windows 10 Control Panel utility.

Answer: Left-hand keyboard


You have a box of 10 hard disks you want destroyed. You use a third-party service that will completely shred the disks. After completing the task what will the service provider give you?

An Invoice with the drive serial numbers and actions taken.
A Certificate of Destruction
A list of destruction services provided
The shredded metal to recycle

Explanation:  The entire process should be fully documented from the transfer of drives custody and responsibility including confidentiality. It should also have the date of receipt and date of destruction, along with the name(s) of the witness(es) of the destruction.

Answer: A Certificate of Destruction


You have a user who cannot find BitLocker on his Windows 10 Home edition laptop. He wants to encrypt his hard drive and doesn’t understand why he can’t find it. What do you tell him?

Set File Explorer to show hidden files.
Check for Windows Updates
Check with manufacturer
BitLocker is not installed with Windows 10 Home edition

Explanation: BitLocker is not installed in the Home Edition. He can buy the BitLocker directly from Microsoft or upgrade to Windows Pro. There are also many 3rd party apps that will encrypt his drive and possibly save some money. Have him check the pricing but the safest thing to do is Upgrade the OS or just buy BitLocker these two options maintain OS integrity.

Objective: 1.0 Operating Systems

Sub-objective: Identify basic features of Microsoft Windows editions.

Answer: BitLocker is not installed with Windows 10 Home edition


Your car is Bluetooth enabled as are your phone and tablet. You typically leave the tablet near the garage. You keep your phone with you and on. When you start your car, you find that it connects to the tablet almost instantly. You would like your phone to be connected too but that is not happening. What is the fastest way to resolve this issue?

Drive down the block a bit and power cycle your phone.
Check the pairing status with the vehicle.
Turn off the Tablet
Increase the signal strength of your phone.
Use your synchronization app to make sure your tablet pairs every time.

Explanation:  The Phone needs to be paired before a connection is possible. Bluetooth supports between 1 and 7 simultaneous connections. Many more devices can be paired but not connected simultaneously. There are often device-specific connection requirements like a passcode that require a secondary action.

Objective: 3.0 Software Troubleshooting

Sub-objective: 3.4 Given a scenario, troubleshoot common mobile OS and application issues.

Answer: Check the pairing status with the vehicle


On startup, the Windows 10 PC you are working on becomes unresponsive immediately when the desktop appears. You can’t access the toolbar or any apps. Ctrl+Alt+Delete  or other keystrokes also do not respond. You do not have USB recovery media like the Installation disk. How can you access the Advanced Startup Options on this device?

Click the Start button while holding the shift key
Use the Power button and forcefully restart three times while OS is loading
Hold Shift and press the power button
Start the machine while holding the Function key

Explanation:  When Windows 10 fails to load three times in succession it will automatically launch the Automatic Repair mode where you can either allow Windows to attempt to repair itself or you can choose the Advanced options and troubleshoot where you can choose Startup Repair, choose a System Restore point that worked, or use the Command Prompt. At this point, you will have access to your hard disk. At the Command Prompt, you can use all the tools that would be available in a fully functional system.  As for the other options remember that the keyboard is not responding.

Objective: 3.0 Software Troubleshooting

Sub-objective: 3.1 Given a scenario, troubleshoot common mobile OS and application issues.

Answer: Use the Power button and restart three times while OS is loading


While browsing the internet you receive a pop-up warning advising you that you need to update your anti-virus software and provide an update link. What is your first choice from the options provided?

Click and update now
Just close the pop-up
Close the Browser
Open your anti-virus software check for updates and scan
Close the webpage

Explanation:  Legitimate pop-ups of this nature are notices about threats that were blocked as opposed to the need for an immediate update. Close the Browser open your AV product check for updates and run a scan. The whole pop-up could be active and capable of installing spyware or hijacking your browser. Use your browser settings and enable pop-up blocker.

Objective: 2.0 Security

Sub-objective: 2.10 Given a scenario, install and configure browsers and relevant security settings.

Answer: Close the Browser

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