Guarantee Terms and Conditions

This guarantee applies exclusively to single user-licensed CertBlaster® bought from the CertBlaster® website directly by the individual taking the actual exam.

The terms below enforce the spirit of the warranty which is that it protects you if you did well in CertBlaster but yet did not make it at the exam. This means we need two important pieces of information:

A) Evidence of good results in CertBlaster
B) Evidence of failure at the exam

Guarantee period covers 6-months within date of activation key delivery but you have to have studied for four weeks in CertBlaster prior to going up for the test. Exam failures that occur before the date of CertBlaster activation do not qualify for the guarantee.

  1. To claim the guarantee you must be the registered user of the CertBlaster® product.
  2. If the purchase is a CertBlaster® Practice Exam Bundle then the 6-months guarantee period applies to each exam separately.
  3. Returns must be sent to us no later than 10 days after you’re failing score report date.
  4. You must be able to show us a 95% or better grade on at least two different CertBlaster exams (in certification mode) relevant to the certification you failed (screenshots will do fine, see below). These grades must be obtained prior to going up for the exam but can’t be older than 30 days prior to the exam date.
  5. You must provide the CompTIA Certification Exam Score Report with a failing grade on the exam corresponding to the CertBlaster exam prep you bought.
  6. When you claim our First Try Guarantee, the activation for that CertBlaster will be canceled.

Understand that you will not be reimbursed more than you spent on your CertBlaster license. So, if you were able to buy the CertBlaster® product at a discounted price then your total reimbursement would be limited to that price as opposed to the full price. Under no circumstances would this guarantee cover anything beyond what you spent on the CertBlaster site.

Make sure to get screenshots of your good grades in CertBlaster

Screenshot of 95% or better grade attained in Certification Mode (i.e. without answers displaying). We will need two different ones showing results for two different CertBlaster exams. The grading page will contain all below pieces of information so you don’t have to worry about setting anything up to capture the below items, it will show by default.

Screenshot of CertBlaster grading page
Screenshot of grading page showing Certification Mode and a score of 95% or above.

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