Legal Stuff

Here are our legal “odds and ends” (what the lawyers care about)

The corporation

The precise legal name of the company that owns the CertBlaster® site and products is: DTI Publishing Corporation. We are a company registered in the state of Delaware under file number: 3815218.

Our headquarters are in Sat lake City:

dti Publishing Corporation
2150 South 1300 East
Suite 500-2051
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Tel: 435 608 1366

Email: info[at]

Privacy policy

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Return policy

Prior to unlocking the software, a full refund can be issued. However, just like opening the shrink-wrap on a software package disqualifies refunds, using the activation key to unlock this software online then using the software disqualifies refunds.

Trademark acknowledgments

CertBlaster, ExamConnection, and LabConnection are registered trademarks of dti Publishing Corporation.

CompTIA, A+, Network+, Security+, and Linux+ are registered trademarks of the Computing Technology Industry Association – CompTIA.

Microsoft, Windows, MCSA, and MCSE are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.



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