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Welcome to dti Publishing Corporation, a leading innovator in education dedicated to transforming lives. Since 2001, we have proudly assisted over one million individuals, including IT professionals, students, and career changers, in achieving their certification goals through our flagship product, CertBlaster.

We are humbled by the incredible stories we’ve received from our users, recounting how their lives have taken a remarkable turn for the better. Countless IT professionals have shared their triumphs of receiving long-awaited promotions upon achieving certification. Many career changers, who were previously unemployed, found their feet in the industry and experienced such a surge of opportunities that every minute of their day became a scheduled event. Numerous students attribute their first job in the field to their success in obtaining their certifications.

Throughout our extensive experience, we remain in awe of the determination and courage displayed by individuals who set their minds to achieve greatness. We are inspired by their unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence.

At CertBlaster, we provide comprehensive exam simulations that equip you with all the tools you need to confidently prepare for your certification exams. Our exam simulations are meticulously designed to replicate the actual testing environment, ensuring that you are thoroughly prepared for every aspect of your exam.

We understand that your journey toward certification should be supported by convenience and accessibility. That’s why CertBlaster is available online, allowing you to study at your own pace, wherever and whenever it suits you best. Whether you’re an IT professional looking to advance your career, a student embarking on a new chapter, or a career changer seeking exciting opportunities, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Introducing CertBlaster®, our remarkable test prep software that truly lives up to its name! Just how incredible is CertBlaster®, you might wonder? It’s so extraordinary that we proudly offer an unparalleled 6-month First Try Guarantee on all our CertBlaster® practice tests. Yes, you heard it right – ALL of them! Because we have the utmost confidence in the effectiveness of CertBlaster® in preparing you for success. In the unlikely event that you don’t achieve your desired outcome, we stand by our commitment to you. We will provide a full refund without any hassle or complications. That’s how resolute we are in our belief that CertBlaster® will empower you to conquer your certification exams.

At dti Publishing Corporation, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer support. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring a seamless and fulfilling experience throughout your exam preparation journey.

Join the ranks of those who have achieved their dreams with CertBlaster. Start your transformative journey today and unlock a world of possibilities with dti Publishing Corporation.

Who writes the CertBlaster practice questions?

All the people that are writing questions for the CertBlaster you are working on are

1) professionals in the field that not only understand the exam but also have the skills these exams aims to test you for, and

2) they all have passed the latest version of the exams before contributing.

This means they all have passed the very exam version you are preparing for. As a consequence, the CertBlaster test questions are on point both in terms of content and question formats. The team that built CertBlaster and manages it today include current or past:

You can rest assured that provided you put in your best efforts when studying, on exam day we will have you’re your back and you’ll have what it takes to succeed.

Good luck on your quest for certification!

How CertBlaster helps you succeed

The CertBlaster trademark, CertBlaster content and CertBlaster website are owned by dti Publishing Corp. dti Publishing specializes in technology enmhanced learning and develops interactive learning platforms, virtual labs, content retention testing as well as full fledged online classes. All our solutions be it CertBlaster, LabConnection, ExamConnection or IT_LabWorks, the outcome is always the same: We help learners learn faster and better.

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