Free practice test Question 2 Windows Server 2012 MCSA exam 70-411

Free practice test Question 2 Windows Server 2012 R2 MCSE MCSA exam 70-411

Question 2 – MCSA 70-411 Practice Test Questions


Dr. Nick has concerns about his patients using Wi-Fi in his office while the staff access confidential files. He feels that even though the wireless has been tested and setup correctly that a mistake or switched wire may someday make his private data available to prying eyes in the waiting room filled with online devices. Dr. Nick contracts with MadDog Networking Inc to provide a solution that will calm his concerns. As a technician for MadDog how are you going to provide a file management strategy that would provide Dr. Nick with the security he feels necessary to keep his patient files confidential. Which of the following will protect files from users with access to the network or physical access? (Choose two.)

Select the correct answer(s):

B) Share permissions
C) NTFS permissions
D) BitLocker

The answer is at the very bottom of the page because we wanted to give you a chance to think about first:)

Explanation: Encryption prevents unauthorized users from interpreting the data in files. Even if a user were able to gain access by booting to an operating system he would not be able to open an encrypted file or use brute-force methods of reading data on a disk sector by sector, the data is still unintelligible if the user doesn’t have the decryption key. Windows has two built-in methods for encrypting data on a disk: Encrypting File System (EFS) and BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Exam Objective: This question addresses exam 70-411 main objective 2: “Configure and manage Active Directory ” (it is listed as representing 10-15% of the exam). The sub-objective is 2.3 “Configure file and disk encryption.”

Question 2 – Correct answer(s): A) EFS & D) BitLocker.

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