Practice Test for Microsoft MCTS 70-680 Windows 7 – Configuring

Practice Test MCTS Exam 70-680 Windows 7 – Configuring

Who is Exam 70-680 Windows 7 for?

Candidates for Microsoft Exam 70-680 work in corporate settings equipped with computing environments that use Microsoft Windows 7 as a desktop OS. Candidates are expected to have one year or more of work experience in the IT field. Additionally, they should have experience implementing, managing, and administering various Windows client operating systems on networks.

Below are 20 sample questions for MCTS Exam 70-680 Windows 7, Configuring.

1) In Windows 7 there are four possible network locations assigned to each new network connection. Which of the following are Windows 7 network connection types? (Choose two.)

  1. Office
  2. Work
  3. Private
  4. Public
  5. School

Answers: 2 & 4

2) Which of one of these active directory objects is used to subdivide a domain?

  1. Computer
  2. Group
  3. GPO
  4. OU

Answer: 4

3) An alternative solution to using dual boot environments is to use ________________.

  1. Hosts
  2. Web based PCs
  3. Virtualization software
  4. Client Servers

Answer: 3

4) What is the “trick” used by Windows 7 to allow applications to run that required Administrator or Power User privileges in previous versions of Windows?

  1. File and registry redirection
  2. Regedit
  3. Group policy
  4. Run as command

Answer: 1

5) Which of these tools would you use to perform offline maintenance of a Windows 7 installation image?

  1. Application Compatibility Toolkit
  2. AIK
  3. User State Migration Tool
  4. DISM

Answer: 3

6) The Action Center is found in which Control Panel category?

  1. System and Security
  2. Programs
  3. Hardware and Sound
  4. User Accounts and Safety

Answer: 1

7) The Local intranet zone in Internet Explorer security options is used for ______________.

  1. Workstations that are part of a Domain.
  2. Workstations that will not be using the Internet.
  3. All computers.
  4. Restricting sites from local workstations.

Answer: 1

8) In IPv6, the network portion of the address is indicated with CIDR notation. The network portion of the address is referred to as ______________.

  1. Network
  2. Address zone
  3. Address prefix
  4. Subnet

Answer: 3

9) When assigning permissions using the Advanced options, it is suggested to assign the Full Control share permission to Everyone and then use NTFS permissions to control access to the folder or files. Why is this a good idea?

  1. So everyone can see the folder from the network.
  2. So the Network Sharing passwords are the same.
  3. So that users’ permission is the same locally and over the network.
  4. This question presents an untrue situation.

Answer: 3

10) In Windows 7, if you want to share a folder with Nancy, who logs onto another computer, you must create a user account for Nancy on your Windows 7 computer, and then give the local user Nancy permission to access the folder.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: True

11) Which of the following will allow for a secure login in Windows 7?

  1. Windows key + S
  2. Ctrl + Alt + Delete
  3. Shift + Alt + Delete
  4. Windows key + L
  5. RT Ctrl + Del

Answer: 2

12) DirectAccess uses which of the following? (Choose three.)

  1. IPv6
  2. IPv4
  3. IPSec
  4. PPP
  5. HTTP
  6. HTTPS

Answer: 1, 3, 6

13) Which protocols are used by remote control clients and servers?

  1. IKEv2
  2. PPP
  3. PPTP
  4. RDP

Answer: 4

14) If a faster remote control experience is required, some elements of the connection may be adjusted for better performance. Under which tab would these adjustments be found?

  1. Local Resources
  2. Programs
  3. Experience
  4. Advanced

Answer: 3

15) Most computers use a block of data to load a small program from the first block of space on the disk. What is this block of data called?

  1. Partition table
  2. Boot sector
  3. NTFS
  4. RAID
  5. FAT

Answer: 2

16) Which of the following is the utility used to monitor system performance indicators in Windows 7?

  1. permon
  2. pmmmc
  3. mmc
  4. permom

Answer: 1

17) What is the default location for Data Collector Set log files?

  1. %systemdrive%CollectorSetName
  2. %systemdrive%AdminCollectorSetName
  3. %systemdrive%publicCollectorSetName
  4. %systemdrive%perflogsAdminCollectorSetName

Answer: 4

18) Backup data can be stored on _______________.

  1. Internal Hard disk
  2. USB drives
  3. CD/DVD RW
  4. All of the above are correct.

Answer: 4

19) Which Windows 7 troubleshooting guide displays computer information in a searchable tree structure?

  1. System Information
  2. Computer Management
  3. Action Center
  4. Help and Support

Answer: 1

Which of these is NOT a valid startup type found on the properties of a server?

  1. Manual
  2. Stopped
  3. Automatic
  4. Automatic Delayed

Answer: 2

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