A plus Practice Test and Performance Based Questions for the A Plus 220-1001 and 220-1002

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A+ Practice Test and Performance Based Questions for A+ 220-1001 and 220-1002

Updated: 02/18-2021

One of the trends we see as CompTIA releases new versions of the exams is a clear bias towards more scenario-based questions. This holds true in the new A+ Exams 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2). A quick look at the CompTIA Exam Objectives documents will reveal that. The exam objectives for Exam 220-1001 list an impressive 23 sub-objectives starting with “Given a scenario…” while for Exam 220-1002 you have a little less but still a considerable 19 objectives starting with “Given a scenario…”.

What this means for you is that you will be facing more of what CompTIA refers to as “performance-based” questions aka by the acronym PBQs. The idea with those is that you answer not by selecting a radio button but by “performing a task”. I put that in parenthesis because sometimes the task just consists of a drag and drop. So what are the types of performance-based questions you can expect? From simplest to most complex: Single Drag and Drop, Multiple Drag and Drop, List and Reorder, simulation of either an Operating System (OS) or a Command Line Interpreter (CLI).

Although the largest number of questions on this exam are multiple-choice, PBQs are often front-loaded on the actual exam. This requires good time management on your part. Don’t get overly impressed and/or bogged down with the first handful of questions. If you do not immediately know how to answer any of them, then just flag these for later, make sure you get to the multiple-choice (the least time-consuming question type) then circle back to the first handful of PBQs and take your time answering them.

Here are a couple of examples of performance-based A+ questions (these are screenshots taken from the CertBlaster A+ Practice Test):

Screenshot of a Performance Based question for A+
Performance Based Question for A+ 220-1002 in the CertBlaster Exam Simulator
A+ 220-901 PBQ Motherboard
A+ 220-1001 Performance Based Question (PBQ) – Custom workstation assembly.
CertBlaster Performance Based Question for A+ Custom Configuration
CertBlaster Performance Based – A+ Custom Configuration
CertBlaster Performance Based Question: Windows simulator for A+ exam 220-902
CertBlaster Windows simulator

For the complete CompTIA A+ Exam Objectives, document click on A+ Exam Objectives.

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3 thoughts on “A plus Practice Test and Performance Based Questions for the A Plus 220-1001 and 220-1002

  1. I would like to receive more information regarding the A+ Practice Tests Bundle for A+ Exams : 220-901 – 220-902.

    1. Hi Rodney, and thanks for your interest in CertBlaster. Below is some info on the A+ 220-901 – 220-902 Bundle. It is a test engine that, in certification mode, simulates the A+ exams. In study mode it gives you answers and explanations to the simulated exam questions. It has all the question types and therefore prepares you for the experience as you will see it at the testing center.

      You will find more on our A+ Bundle page including a video showing you the software.

      Over 1,000 A+ Practice test questions, answers and explanations including performance based and in-simulator questions (on this see Certification Magazine product review below)
      8 Full A+ Exam Simulations – Same number of questions and same timer as the actual exam – Like taking the exam in the comfort of your home!
      9 Focus Drills – Each Drill corresponds to one of the nine CompTIA Main Domains for these exams – So you can focus on the areas you need to work the most on.
      3 User modes: Assessment, Study and Certification
      Your custom Personal Testing Plan (PTP) generated for each practice exam
      Gives you an overall grade and grades per exam objective

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