CertBlaster Practice Test CompTIA A plus custom study features

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CertBlaster Practice Test Custom Study Features

Updated: 02/22-2021

The CertBlaster practice tests follow all best practices in terms of content creation and question formats to prepare you optimally for the CompTIA exams. This is interactive software that records what you are doing in order to A) give you proper practice, B) offer you feedback detailed enough to be actionable. This enables you to focus your often limited preparation time where it will improve your exam readiness the most.

CertBlaster provides you with three main features to help you narrow down your knowledge gap:

1) It generates your custom “Personal Testing Plan” (PTP).

2) List of incorrectly answered questions.

3) Custom CertBlaster exam

The Personal Testing Plan (PTP)

This is the very last report CertBlaster generates. It is an outline of the areas you need to improve the most in order to be ready for the exam. The areas are listed by the CompTIA exam sub-objective. For example, say you are preparing for A+ exam 220-1002 and you missed one or more questions on ports, then the PTP will list A+ 220-1002 sub-objective 1.4 “Given a scenario, use appropriate Microsoft command line tools” as an area of weakness for you. Once you have that list of weaknesses you should go (in Study Mode) to the CertBlaster “Drills” which all are defined by one CompTIA Main Domain (aka a main objective).

Example of CertBlaster Personal Testing Plan - PTP
Sample Personal Testing Plan – PTP

The History Feature

Whenever a PTP is generated, it is also saved in the CertBlaster History feature that keeps all scores and feedback you have generated through all your study sessions. This is where you keep track of your progress as you prepare for your exam and so are able to measure progress as well as areas of weakness.

List of incorrectly answered questions

CertBlaster will make a list of all the questions you answered incorrectly in a session and provide you with that report. It will include the correct answers to the multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions but not for the performance-based questions. To see the answers to the PBQs you can go back into the exam in Study Mode and review the answer and explanation there as the list will display the question number. Although this report provides answers you will still want to go and revisit the questions in study mode if you feel you need the explanations in addition to the correct answers.

CertBlaster exam questions with answers
List of incorrectly answered questions with answers

Custom CertBlaster exam

At the end of an exam, CertBlaster offers you the option to create a custom CertBlaster exam just for you. This exam will consist of all the questions that you missed during your CertBlaster test. You can launch this custom exam from the Personal Testing Plan screen (which is the last one, see above) by clicking the “Options” button.

Pop-up shows the option to create a custom practice test
CertBlaster Custom Practice Test Pop-up

How to best use these features

You have questions with answers and explanations that is how you learn. Typically you would first do a CertBlaster Exam in assessment mode (no answers but PTP and other feedback). You print out your PTP and incorrectly answered question list and then you go in Study Mode into the Focus Drills (one per A+ exam objective). In Study Mode, you get answers and explanations. When you have checked off all the entries in the PTP you go back and do Exam 2 in Assessment Mode and this time your PTP should be shorter, go with that to the relevant Focus Drills and repeat till you can consistently score 95% or better in Certification Mode. At that point, you will be ready for the exam.

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