Modified CertBlaster color scheme

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Modified CertBlaster color scheme

Updated 02/18-2021

Not the Steelers anymore!

We have modified the CertBlaster color scheme of the CertBlaster user interface. As much as we love the Steelers, we are abandoning the yellow accent color for a softer green one. The yellow and black solicited some strong reactions. You either loved it or hated it. Not many were lukewarm. You loved it because the contrast pops enough you’d find it cool (or if you were a Steelers fan…). The ones of you who did not like it felt it was loud and a bit outdated.

Old CertBlaster Theme color yellow
Old CertBlaster Theme – Yellow

Why change the color?

Because CertBlaster is a practice test we really need the user interface to be neutral and “forgotten in the background” as much as possible so that 100% of your attention can go to preparing for the exam. From picking apart the practice test questions to studying the explanations, all your attention needs to be on the content. We are hoping the more subtle colors will “calm” your study environment as to not be a distraction.

Why green?

It’s a lighter and more subtle color than the starker contrast offered before. Plus: Green is the color of hope so here is to hoping that you like it and that you’ll ace your exam! Hope keeps us all moving in the right direction.

New CertBlater Theme Green
New CertBlaster Green Theme

What do you think?

Please let us know how you feel about the new color scheme by commenting below. Whether you love it, hate it, or are just indifferent. Whether you like this scheme better than the yellow or if you just miss the yellow so much! Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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14 thoughts on “Modified CertBlaster color scheme

    1. From the Steelers to the New York Jets! Given the way you talk about it my guess is that you don’t see a downgrade, right? Of course this is with all due respect to the Steelers, I don’t want to seem to pick sides over here…

  1. Well, this is my first time seeing the site, and I’ve some really terrible sites but this one is so much more calm and refreshing. I think who ever structured the site did a great job with the colors and the text that jumps right out at you. I am not a Steeler fan anyway but I a am very much interested in my education so thanks for losing the distractions.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Donna, it is very gratifying to see our efforts appreciated especially when it comes to any aspect at all of increased educational value. Educational value is our number one and “number all” priority. There is nothing we care more about. You may wan to take a look at our Learning Resources pages. These are a few additional free leraning resources. It is a new effort so there is not a ton there but with a bit of luck you may find some of it useful. Best of luck on your quest for certification Donna!

  2. A hopeful green is a wonderful change. I especially consider it a digital version of a 4 leaf clover!

    1. Thanks Isaac, we are excited you like it and we love your analogy, it’s outright poetic so thanks for sharing!

  3. The color green is the color of money I Love its easy on your eyes. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for sharing! So far the color associations we got are:

      Money (that’s you David)
      A digital version of a 4 leaf clove (from Isaac)
      Calm and refreshing (that’s from Donna)
      New York Jets (Dan – who is a NY jets fan…)

      So far, so great! Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Love the change to green, much better than the yellow scheme. Thanks for pointing out the change, why the change was made, and the intent of the change.

    1. Thanks a lot Ryan it seems that you represent the consensus. Everybody that has gotten back to us here or elsewhere say the same thing. This kind of feedback is so importnant because that is how we can keep moving in the right direction for you the users. Thanks again Ryan.

  5. I really like the color change it does give you a more peaceful feeling while going through the exam prep. It’s always good to switch things up now and then.

    1. Thanks Adam, we are excited you like it and thanks so much for the feedback!

  6. I enjoy the soft colors. As a design scheme it fits into current industry standards. The science behind colors influence on moods suggest that your choice of color scheme promotes a calmer environment. Such an environment is preferable over the harsher and more exciting yellow accents.

    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback Jacob, we appreciate it and are glad you like it too. The response has benn overwhelmingly positive accross the board except for a coupe of Steelers fans (you guys know who you are) but I think they had an agenda so we’ll stick to our guns…

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