The difference between New Network+ N10-009 and N10-008

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As technology advances rapidly, the certifications linked to it also change quickly. This is exactly what’s happening with CompTIA’s Network+ certification. Later in the year, there’d be an upgraded version of the Network+, which will be the N10-009.

Despite the different exam codes, the core focus remains the same: assessing candidates’ abilities to troubleshoot, implement, operate, and secure network environments. 

In this article, IT professionals who have taken the N10-008 and are interested in knowing what’s necessary to succeed in the new Network+ N10-009 will learn all they need to know.

Similarities Between the Netork+ N10-008 and N10-009 Exams

While the upcoming N10-009 version represents a fresh challenge in the CompTIA Network+ certification, there are still lots of similarities between the two versions.

Like the Network+ N10-008, the N10-009 will test IT professionals’ abilities regarding the following knowledge and skills:

  • Establish network connectivity by deploying wired and wireless devices.
  • Explain the purpose of documentation and maintain network documentation.
  • Configure common network services.
  • Explain basic data center, cloud, and virtual-networking concepts.
  • Monitor network activity and troubleshoot performance and availability issues.
  • Implement network security hardening techniques.
  • Manage, configure, and troubleshoot network infrastructure.

N10-008 and Network+ N10-009 Domains Compared

The N10-009 exam stipulates IT professionals looking to obtain the certification have a minimum of 9–12 months of recommended experience in the IT networking field

Apart from the first domains where Networking Fundamentals turned to Networking Concepts, all other domains from the N10-008 remained the same. On the flip side, both the N10-008 and N10-009 Main Domains have different examination percentages, even the ones without any name change. 

What Should You Expect From the Network+ N10-009 Exam

Domain 1: Networking Concepts

In the upcoming N10-009, there’s a reduced emphasis on technical specifics. CompTIA seems to de-emphasize specific OSI model layers and encapsulation details, focusing more on overall concepts.

There’s also the introduction of a comparison of appliances, applications, and functions, suggesting more focus on their roles in networks. The N10-009 also focuses on evolving use cases by highlighting emerging network demands compared to N10-008’s basic architectures.

Domain 2: Network Implementation

Network+ N10-009 seems to move away from comparing specific device features, focusing more on general routing technology characteristics. CompTIA also introduces factors to consider for physical installations in the N10-009, potentially requiring knowledge of cabling and placement strategies.

Network Implementation in the N10-009 has a broader wireless focus, suggesting a wider scope beyond just installing standards. In addition, the N10-009 uses “configure switching technologies” instead of “configure common Ethernet switching features,” potentially indicating a focus on a broader understanding of the technology.

Domain 3: Network Operations

N10-009 expands on organizational documents to include broader processes and procedures, suggesting a need for understanding workflow and best practices. There’s a shift from statistics to monitoring technologies, implying a need for familiarity with specific tools and platforms.

While both the N10-008 and N10-009 mentioned disaster recovery concepts, N10-009 focuses solely on DR itself with a deeper dive into its specific strategies and implementation.

Domain 4: Network Security

N10-009 delves deeper into core principles of network security concepts, by summarizing attack types and their impact. This prioritizes a focus on understanding general categories and effects rather than intricate comparisons.

CompTIA adds an expanded security solutions in the N10-009 by including “defense techniques” and “solutions” alongside security features. Instead of specific “network hardening” techniques, N10-009 asks for applying security features, techniques, and solutions, implying a wider range of skills tested.

Domain 5: Network Troubleshooting

The final domain in the N10-009 focuses on physical issues. It specifies “cabling and physical interface issues” instead of just cable connectivity, suggesting a broader understanding of physical layer troubleshooting.

The N10-009 also takes a shift from software tools to services with a focus on troubleshooting “network services”, indicating an understanding of different services and their potential issues. 

The introduction of performance troubleshooting brings about the addition of “common performance issues”, which means there’s a need to identify and address network performance problems.

Consequently, N10-009 asks for choosing the “appropriate tool or protocol”, suggesting less emphasis on specific software tools and more on understanding various approaches and their suitability.

Final Thoughts

The changes observed in the N10-009 exam point towards a clear trend: CompTIA is preparing IT professionals for the evolving landscape of networks. 

The emphasis on broader concepts, problem-solving abilities, and understanding diverse solutions suggests the need to adapt to cloud integration, modern security threats, and emerging technologies.

Earning your Network+ certification, especially with the updated N10-009 knowledge base, becomes even more crucial in this context. As the ideal starting point for IT professionals, Network+ validates your foundational understanding of core networking principles. 

More importantly, it demonstrates your commitment to acquiring the latest skills and adapting to the changing demands of the industry. 

Whether you’re a Network Administrator, Helpdesk technician, or aspiring Cloud Engineer, Network+ certification stands as a testament to your knowledge, adaptability, and readiness for a successful career in the ever-evolving world of networks.

The difference between New Network+ N10-009 and N10-008

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