CertBlaster 5.1 User Interface

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dti Publishing is launching CertBlaster 5.1 – introducing a modernized UI, enhanced reporting, and security

dti Publishing Corporation announced today that it has released an improved platform for its CertBlaster® Exam Simulators.

PARK CITY, UT, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — dti Publishing Corp. is proud to unveil its new CertBlaster® Release 5.1, an exciting update to the CertBlaster Exam Simulators’ user interface, reporting features, and security. Our users now have an enhanced ability to fine-tune their test preparation in a manner that better matches their learning style.

This is a screenshot of the new CertBlaster 5.1 User Interface
See this short video showcasing the features of CertBlaster in its release 5.1 version.

“We are excited to launch our new CertBlaster Release 5.1, an HTML5 development that adds a more streamlined user interface and enhanced reporting capabilities to our CertBlaster Exam Simulators. As with all our CertBlaster® releases, our new CertBlaster® 5.1 aims at enhancing our users’ ability to fine-tune their test preparation in a manner that most closely matches their learning style and lifestyles,” said Pierre J. Askmo, President of dti Publishing Corporation.

The intuitive CertBlaster user interface is, in release 5.1, further streamlined. The objective of the CertBlaster UI is to offer the best possible user experience and alleviate the need to consult any of the help pages available. We are also most excited to introduce an enhanced ‘History’ feature. The History feature saves the results of each practice session allowing the user to analyze progress over time. Because this feature allows users to track their progress over every single test preparation session, it enables them to better understand their learning curve, Furthermore, when applicable, they can share this information with third parties, notably colleagues and/or instructors. Because the History feature saves all the reports generated by each training session it enables CertBlaster® to generate the “Personal Testing Plan”, a customized remediation report that lists all the content points relevant to the exam that the candidate has shown a need to focus more deeply on.

Screenshot showing the new History feature in the new CertBlaster Release 5.0
History feature in the new CertBlaster Release 5.1

CertBlaster® 5.1, like all prior versions, includes thousands of test questions, answers, and explanations in its realistic exam simulators. to prep for CompTIA, Microsoft, Linux Professional Institute, and Project Management Institute exams. As an example, the bundled A+ practice test includes 1,100 questions of all types relevant to the exam. For the CompTIA exams preparations, CertBlaster additionally includes uniquely interactive performance-based questions similar to the ones found on those exams.

CertBlaster® remains the single learning solution that makes it easy for the user to analyze assessment data with detailed remediation recommendations. This allows the user to go into exams with confidence, get certified, and advance their careers.

This CertBlaster® 5.1 release demonstrates dti Publishing’s enduring commitment to constant improvement and enhancement of the quality of experience our users have grown to expect from us. This version adds enhanced security, analytics, and user interface.


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2 thoughts on “CertBlaster 5.1 User Interface

  1. Congrats on the new release! Looking forward to trying it specifically for the performance based question simulations.

    1. Thanks, Ronald! Since the press release, we made a demo video you can see here: https://youtu.be/JQXYzerY-bI Also, on our YouTube channel you can view demos of performance based questions.
      Best of luck on your quest for certification!

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