What jobs are there for A+ (Plus) Technicians?

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What jobs are there for A+ (Plus) Technicians?

According to the Computing Technology Industry’s Association – CompTIA, over 70% of employers specifically require A+ certifications as a condition of employment, and more than 90% acknowledge that certifications ensure the credibility of their IT staff. The A+ certification provides that credibility as a foundation in the industry. Still according to CompTIA, A+ (Plus) technicians earn $53,000 annually.

This means the hiring managers only see the applicants that have been screened for their qualifications. The A+ Certification gets you in the door and provides validation of your skillset. This immediately puts you ahead of non-certified applicants. This fact alone increases your desirability because you have demonstrated proficiency across the complete IT spectrum from basic hardware, maintenance, network connectivity, and Cloud technology to software installation and troubleshooting across a variety of Operating Systems.

The CompTIA A+ is effective at giving you an advantage over other entry-level applicants in achieving employment. The primary reason is that it separates you, in a demonstratable way, from other entry-level applicants. The A+ is widely recognized and highly regarded in the industry which is why there are so many openings for A+ (Plus) technicians.

Naturally, you will still need to know what you’re talking about. Your communication skills and professionalism are very important.

Here’s a look at many of the employers, including the Department of Defense, that require CompTIA certification including A+ as a hiring requirement:

Graphic of office buildings showing logos of companies.
Employers that require all or some of their employees to be IT certified.

What are the A+ certification requirements?

To become certified, A+ (Plus) technicians need to succeed at two individual exams. The first is Core 1, or A+ 220-1001, which covers hardware including everything from the desktop, its components, and connections, to mobile devices and their technologies. Virtualization is also covered in Core 1. The second exam is Core 2, or A+ 220-1002, which focuses on the software. You will demonstrate proficiency in Operating Systems from Windows to Android including any compatibility issues between the systems, installations, and the programs running on them. The configuration of network devices including Cloud technologies is also a Core 2 element.

About the Tests

Both the Core 1 and Core 2 exams are comprised of no more than 90 questions. Each 90 question exam is to be completed in 90 minutes. The questions will be largely multiple-choice types, some Drag and Drop types, and there will also be a few Performance Based Questions (PBQ) requiring you to perform a task on which you are graded based on your ability to accomplish the task. The passing score is 700 out of 900 which equates to roughly a score of 85%. You must pass both exams to achieve the A+ Certification.

A+ (Plus) technicians need to acquire a great deal of knowledge. The content areas of the A+ exams include but are not limited to the below list.

Operating Systems – Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

Software Troubleshooting

Application Compatibility

Hardware Troubleshooting

Networking and TCP/IP

Network Troubleshooting

Cyber Security

Mobile Devices

Virtualization Technology

Cloud Computing

Operational Procedures

While these exams are considered entry-level, make no mistake the exams are not a piece of cake. As you can see, this certification covers a great deal of information and it should not be taken lightly. It will require a considerable amount of work for all that want to become A+ (Plus) technicians.

Reasons given in a survey by employers for requiring certification.
Reasons given by employers for requiring certification.

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