A+ (Plus) Certification 220-1101

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A+ (Plus) Certification 220-1101

We are well on the way to have a new A+ certification available in the first quarter of 2022. The new exam version is A+ (Plus) Certification 220-1101. Here are important details regarding the new test and the previous release.

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The date and pricing are estimates based on our experience. We know that the life cycle on the A+ exam is 3 years and given that the current A+ Core 1 (A+220-1001) release date was Jan 15, 2019, we can expect to see the new A+ Core 1 test be available in January 2022, presumably January 15th. The CompTIA voucher cost is likely to be $232.00. Would pricing information change we would update this information if and when a new price would listed.

Exam Release vs. Certification Status

Understanding the difference between Exam availability and Certification validity is important when deciding which test you want to take. Your certification will be valid for a full 3 years from the date you become certified regardless of which test you take. If you pass the 220-1001 Core 1 in December 2021 your certification will be valid until December 2024 and even though the exam is retired, you will still be certified. There will be an approximately six months overlap period, the “grace period”, where both the 220-1001 and 220-1101 tests will be available simultaneously. This allows you to take either version of the test depending on the state of your preparation. Certifications achieved during this overlap period will be valid for the full 3 years irrespective of the version you choose to sit for, so make sure to take the version you are best prepared for.

Some Details on A+ (Plus) Certification 220-1101

It is recommended (but not required) that you have a minimum of 12 months of hands-on experience as a help desk support technician, desktop support technician, or field service technician. If you do not have that level of experience you may be able to compensate for that with training. Your test will contain a maximum of 90 questions, and you will have 90 minutes to complete it. The questions will be multiple choice and performance based. The new A+ (Plus) Certification 220-1101 Objectives break down as follows:

Domain Description Percentage of Exam
1.0 Mobile Devices 15%
2.0 Networking 20%
3.0 Hardware 25%
4.0 Virtualization and Cloud Computing 11%
5.0 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting 29%
Total 100%

Each Domain will contain specific sub-domains with all the items necessary to cover the A+ (Plus) Certification 220-1101. These exam objectives will be published at the same time that the A+ (Plus) Certification 220-1101 is released to the testing centers.

Question Types

There are two main question types multiple-choice, and performance based. We will use the CertBlaster Exam Simulator to illustrate these.

Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ

First here is a standard multiple-choice single answer that we all know from school if nothing else. There is only one correct response to this type of question. Next is a variation on the multiple-choice single answer that uses a graphic to display an object that needs to be identified. In CertBlaster clicking, the Show Exhibit button brings up the item that needs to be identified, see below.

screenshot of A+ 220-1101 Exhibit question
Example of an Exhibit question for A+ 220-1101

The next question type is the multiple-choice multiple answers. We are still within the domain of multiple-choice but In this question, there is more than one correct response. A quick visual marker to help alert you to the fact that you need to provide more than one answer is the square checkboxes as opposed to the round radio buttons for single answer questions. All CompTIA exams have that particularity.

Screenshot of an A+ 1101 Multiple choice - multiple answer
A+ 220-1101 Multiple choice multiple answers. Note the square checkboxes.

Performance based questions (PBQ)

Performance based questions have you perform a task. Here you are asked to create a RAID Level 1 mirrored disk. We’ll just show two steps out of this multiple step task to illustrate the process, see PBQ 1 and PBQ 2 below. In this question, you launch the Disk Management console then take the steps necessary to complete the required action. The simulations used in both the CompTIA A+ and the CertBlaster are just that, simulations. You won’t be able to simply click around and hope to get lucky. Below is the start screen of a Performance Based Question.

Screenshot of CertBlaster A+ 1101 Performance base question start screen
Performance based question start screen – PBQ1
Screenshot of CertBlaster A+ 1101 Performance base question Disk Management console
Performance based question: Disk Management console – PBQ2

Test Taking Tips for the A+ (Plus) Certification 220-1101

All CompTIA tests are timed and need to be completed before the timer expires. The A+ (Plus) Certification 1101 exam must be taken within a 90-minute span and the number of questions is a maximum of 90 (typically 84-85) so time management is of the essence to your success. Some questions will only take a few seconds to answer, while others will take a bit longer. Do not get stuck on anything that will eat your clock. You can mark these questions for later and return to them later. We strongly suggest that you go through the test completely and answer the items you can quickly respond to and skip nut mark the ones that require more time. You will see that after this first pass you will have answered a considerable number of questions in a relatively short amount of time. Now you can go back and deal with anything that you need more time for. This approach is the safest because it ensures you answer everything you know first. It also builds confidence by letting you develop a time bank and so enables you to spend more time on the more challenging questions.

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Good luck with the test!

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