Addressing the Corona virus: One for all, all for one!

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Addressing the Corona virus: One for all, all for one!

If there ever was a circumstance where that spirit is needed, our response to the Corona virus pandemic would be it!

The Challenge

Whatever steps we take individually to shield ourselves from this pandemic will also benefit all of us. We are committed to doing whatever is in our power to support you and our community at large. As we take in the COVID-19 (corona virus) updates, we’re very aware of the fact that the situation is constantly changing. This is no more business as usual, and the health and safety individually and collectively of everyone is the top priority of the moment.

We are obviously not the experts, so we are closely tracking recommendations from government and health authorities, and we are taking this news seriously as we evaluate the situation and try to provide relevant sources of information while attempting to tune out the drumbeat of anecdotal information.

Two valuable sources of information

The Google coronavirus search portal

World Health Organization: Corona virus disease advice

How about CertBlaster?

Luckily for the CertBlaster team and its customers, we make a product that, as a team, allows us all to work from home – keeping each team member safer. And for our customers, the fact that our product is digital also makes it safe to use.  Want a safe activity during downtime? Here is a link to free certification learning resources.

Why is it called the “corona” virus?

The virus is rendered, in scientific circles, as a sphere with protruding spikes which, to some, evoke a crown. The etymology of which is Latin (some 2,000 years ago) where corona meant garland, wreath or crown. Latin, in its turn, borrowed that terminology from the ancient Greek “korṓnē” a crown or garland bestowed as a reward for valiant deeds, in particular victory in battle. It came down to us as the crown associated with the royal symbol. Below is a picture of that scientific rendering.

Color graphic of the scientific rendering of the corona virus.
A scientific rendering of the corona virus.

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