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Free A+ Study Guide

Table of content for main domain 3.0 hardware

This is a free resource we achieve through a communal effort. Please, if you see any typos or other mistakes/errors, do let us know so we can together make this Free A plus Study Guide as good as it ever can be.

Click any of the links to select the CompTIA sub-objective you want to study. These are here listed in the exact same order as the official CompTIA Exam Objective for A+ 220-1001 that you can download here.

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How CertBlaster content and this free A plus Study Guide work together

Based on your results while working in the CertBlaster Exam Simulator it reports on your strengths and weaknesses. We call that report the “Personal Study Plan” or PTP. It generates those in assessment mode while you are taking our simulated exams. The PTP will list your areas of weakness one A+ sub-objective at a time. Just the way this Click here if you want to go back to the A+ 220-1001 Table of Content. lists its articles one A+ sub-objective at a time. This will make it really easy for you to hone in on the content that the PTP alerts you to.

We hope this study guide in conjunction with CertBlaster assists you significantly with your A+ exam preparation.

Performance Based Question

Click the below picture and you will go to a page that explains this example of an A+  performance based question and offer you a video walk-through as well.

icon of a plus Performance based question

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