A plus study guide 1101 – 3

A+ Study Guide for Main Domain 3.0 Hardware – Exam 220-1101 

This is Domain 3.0 of our study guide for A plus 220-1101 which covers Hardware per the CompTIA exam objectives. Below are each of the seven A+ Exam Sub-Objectives that make up the A+ 220-1101 Main Domain 3.0 “Hardware”. Click on any of the links that you want to study.

3.1 Explain basic cable types and their connectors, features, and purposes.

3.2 Given a scenario, install the appropriate RAM.

3.3 Given a scenario, select and install storage devices.

3.4 Given a scenario, install and configure motherboards, central processing units (CPUs), and add-on cards.

3.5 Given a scenario, install or replace the appropriate power supply.

3.6 Given a scenario, deploy and configure multifunction devices/printers and settings.

3.7 Given a scenario, install and replace printer consumables.

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